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Twenty Point Program—2006 (Brief Introduction)

 The Twenty Point Programme (TPP) was launched by the Govt. of India in 1975. The programme was first revised in 1982 and again in 1986.Over the years, the need for restructuring the Programme has been felt in the light of achievements and experiences as well as the introduction of several new policies and programmes by the Govt. of India. Although the TPP has been in existence for last 30 years but still relevant today as the desired objectives of eradication of poverty and improvement in the quality of life of the common man have yet to be completely attained. The TPP – 1986 has now been restructured in conformity with the priorities of the Govt. of India as contained in the "National Common Minimum Programme" (NCMP), the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations and the SAARC Social Charter.

It renews the nation’s commitment to eradicating poverty, raising productivity, reducing income inequalities and removing social and economic disparities. The restructured Twenty Point Programme (TPP) – 2006 has come into force with effect from 01.04.2007 Many of the items of the programme are monitored and reviewed at International level like the UN Millennium Developement Goals(MDGs) and the SAARC Social Charter.The United Nations Millennium Declaration of 2000 made a strong commitment to the right to development, to peace and security, to gender equality, to the eradication of many dimensions of poverty and to sustainable human development.In Uttarakhand Twenty Point Programme 2006 is being monitored by Twenty Point Programme Implementation Department At District and Division level, Twenty Point programmes is being monitored by respectable district Magistrate and Commissioner.

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